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How to Bond With Your Boss

By Gigi Engle for NBC NEWS

"My favorite employees are the ones I can be real with. That is what makes an employee stand out: no bullshit, no excuses and no tiptoeing around each other," says Nicole Caldwell, an editor and small business owner. "If I can't have lunch with an employee, laugh with, be there for them and also push [them] to constantly improve, it makes working together significantly less fun."


Online dating can be even more challenging if you're a farmer

By Rachel Thompson for Mashable

Swiping on dating apps is a breeze if you live in a town or city. But, when you're a young farmer living in a rural community, it's a whole other story. One where dates get cancelled when animals go into labor, and where some people show up to their dates brandishing shotguns.

For farmers, online dating is an experience. And not always a good one. 


Better Farm's Nicole Caldwell Speaks to College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) Students at Syracuse University

This Sustainable Farm Sanctuary and Art Center is Ever Eco-Lover’s Dream

By Kim Berkeley for One Green Planet

Feb. 2, 2017

It began in 1970 with a field and a dream. Better Farm is a sustainability education center, artists’ colony, animal sanctuary, and a 65-acre organic farm located in Redwood, NY. It was founded on the idea that every experience is an opportunity for personal growth. The farm has since become a safe haven for artists, activists, and abused and neglected animals alike; a place where everything from deer to horses, wild birds, dogs, mice, and over a dozen “rescue” chickens have been rehabilitated. [READ MORE]

Former Playgirl EIC Returns to the Sex & Dating Fold

By Richard Horgan for Fishbowl NY

Oct. 31, 2015 - 10:00 AM

When Playgirl exited print with the January/February 2009 issue , Caldwell moved on to Diamond District News before taking a radical turn to sustainable farming. And it is from that rural New York State base that she has begun working as Thrillist’s new sex and dating editor. [READ MORE]

Thrillist Launches New Verticals, Pushes Into Video

By Jack Marshall for the Wall Street Journal

Oct. 30, 2015

Male-focused lifestyle publisher Thrillist Media Group will launch three new verticals and increase its investment in video, the company said Monday, putting to work some of the $54 million it raised from Axel Springer and other investors in September.

As part of a new growth plan, the company will launch new sections dedicated to sex and dating, health and entertainment, which will live on the main Thrillist site. Supercompressor, a separate TMG site covering technology and cars, will also be folded into

To lead its entertainment vertical TMG has brought on John Sellers, former senior editor at New York Magazine’s entertainment site Vulture. Anthony Shneck, former managing editor of MindBodyGreen, has joined the company as health editor, while Playgirl’s former editor-in-chief, Nicole Caldwell, will become sex and dating editor. [READ MORE]

Nicole Caldwell to Sign Her New Book at Bay House Artisans

Aug. 5, 2015

Nicole Caldwell Joins the ranks at Martha Stewart

june 29, 2015

I'm now a regular contributor over on Martha Stewart's website! Click here to check out my profile and see my articles.

Amazon's 'Better' Listing Now Featuring 'Look Inside!' Tab

june 18, 2015

The "Look Inside!" tab has gone active on Amazon, allowing you to preview some of what's inside Better... on bookshelves July 28! Click here to check it out.

Post Carbon Institute Lists 'Better' as Resource for Resilient Communities


The Post Carbon Institute has listed "Better: The Everyday Art of Sustainable Living" on its Resilience website as a featured resource for building resilient communities. Click here to check out the link.

#BeingBetter Checklist: 10 Ways to Live More Sustainably Right Now


Guest Post by Nicole Caldwell for WhyWhisper

Responsible stewardship of the land and sustainable living are crafts. Living green is an art form requiring no formal training; in fact, we already innately know how to do it. Humans are natural leaders, natural innovators and have always been naturally resourceful. But we've misinterpreted our role on the planet. As a culture we've determined that the Earth is here for our use, and we've in turn treated the environment like a commodity. But our higher level of consciousness allows us to protect. Our ability to take care of each other—not our might—is what sets us apart from other living things. It is our responsibility, not our gift, that distinguishes us. There are easy things everyone can do to change their local ecosystem, food habits, communities, health and overall well-being. We don't have to wait around for laws or politicians or policy to change. We are not victims. We are powerful enough tomato basic changes at home that will make big ripples. The changes are inexpensive, practical and healthy for everyone. Here are 10 things each of us can do now to live more sustainably at home.

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Better Businesses? Here's Why and How

WhyWhisper Collective, May 20, 2015

By Alexandra Ostrow for WhyWhisper

Last week, we interviewed Nicole Caldwell, co-founder and CEO of Better Farm, a 65-acre sustainability campus, organic farm and artists' colony serving as a blueprint for environmentally conscious living. In her interview, Nicole told us about her career path, inspirations, and personal obstacles, and gave us some background on her upcoming book release. This week, we're thrilled to share a chapter of that very book in an early preview for the WhyWhisper community. Read the chapter below and let us know what you think. Have questions? Comment below or reach out via Facebook or Twitter!

Click here to read the excerpt from Better.

Behind the Scenes: Building a Business Focused on 'Better'

whywhisper collective, may 12, 2015

by Alexandra Ostrow for WhyWhisper

Two years ago, I went out on my own with the goal of doing something better -- better for the world, better for my community, and better for myself. While on my journey to do better, I've been lucky to meet some of the best. Recently, I connected with Nicole Caldwell, co-founder and CEO of Better Farm, a 65-acre sustainability campus, organic farm and artists' colony serving as a blueprint for environmentally conscious living. 

Better Farm attracts those who are interested in doing "better"— growing from each experience, serving their communities, and creating something that benefits the world around them.  Nicole is also president of the not-for-profit arts and music outreach initiative betterArts, which works in tandem with Better Farm to explore the intersection between sustainability and art. She has worked as a professional writer and editor for more than a decade, and her work has been featured in Mother Earth NewsReader's DigestTime Out New York, and many others. Lucky for us, her first book, Better: The Everyday Art of Sustainable Living, comes out this July through New Society Publishers.

While we wait for its release, we asked Nicole if we could share some of her work on the WhyWhisper blog. Read the interview below to learn more about Nicole, Better Farm, AND her upcoming book:

Click here for the full interview.

Better Farm: A Better Way

Thousand Islands Sun, April 22, 2015