Freak of the Week: Brazilian model Angela Bismarchi

brazilianThe insanity continues!

The newest development in all things "beautiful" are the nylon wires you can now have implanted around your eyeballs to give you an Asian "look."

Brazilian model Angela Bismarchi is undergoing the procedure as a way to celebrate 100 years of Japanese immigration to Brazil (she's leading her samba group in a contest at Rio Carnival in February). Makes perfect sense, no? But for Bismarchi, this ain't no thang: She's already had 41 plastic surgeries. Current record-holder for such slice-and-dice activity is Cindy Jackson, considered a "pioneer" of plastic surgery.

The samba group involves about 300 drummers and, of course, one dancing and oddly resculpted 36-year-old model. "I always was vain," Bismarchi told "And for carnival, you have to feel especially pretty."

Other notables involving this lady:

*Ten of her surgeries were performed by Bismarchi's husband, a plastic surgeon (two of her husbands have been plastic surgeons)

* Bismarchi has made headlines for her partly-nude parading; first in 2000, when she walked the streets with Brazil's flag painted on her bod; and in 2002 when she did the same with President Lula da Silva's face painted on her.

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