Denmark's Elders Have the Sweetest Hookups

Nursing Home

When you're faced with choosing a nursing home for your decrepit and single relative, consider sending him or her to Denmark, where staff at some nursing homes help to facilitate encounters between residents and prostitutes.

Sygeplejersken, a trade magazine for nurses and carers, found in a survey of 13 nursing homes that many nursing-home residents feel the need to satiate their sexual desires—and nursing-home staff is more than willing to lend a helping hand the Copenhagen Post reported. Prostitution is, of course, legal in Denmark.

"Our policy is that we generally try to help satisfy our residents’ needs," a nurse from Holmegårdsparken nursing home in Charlottenlund told the Post.

"We have one resident who has been using the services of a prostitute for some time," said Merete Baastrup, manager of the Kildegården nursing home in Skanderborg in Jutland.

While prostitution is legal, this study set off a controversy over whether it's appropriate for staff to assist residents in hiring a prostitute. In Århus, it was recommended that other options were considered before resorting to prostitutes. A 2006 anti-hooking campaign in Copenhagen barred the use of prostitutes in nursing homes. Ugh. That's kind of like telling your 106-year-old grandma she can't have any ice cream because she's diabetic. Can't we let the old have any last forays into fun?

Judith Rosenkrantz, a sexual therapist, stressed to the Post the importance of providing residents with prostitutes as requested: "If an elderly person does not have his or her needs satisfied," she said, "they can become aggressive and resort to violence."

She added that it was often male and mentally handicapped residents who needed more bodily contact.

"Sexual intercourse is rarely what they want. A bit of cuddling, masturbation or a dildo can do the trick," she explained. Well obviously! Most of these dudes probably can't get it up anymore, anyway.

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