Do Not Disturb

crocodileWhat's the difference between humans and crocodiles?

For one thing, when someone accidentally stumbles across two people mid-bang (I believe the scientific term for said butting-in is a coitus interruptus), the common reaction is embarrassment (excepting those exhibitionists we love so much). But not the crocodile, no no. Those guys just get angry; then they get even.

Authorities ordered a cull on the crocs living in a coastal community on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island. A hunting party was requested of anyone owning a licensed firearm. Some people are determined to ruin everyone else's fun.

Breeding crocodiles become super aggressive when folks stumble across reptilian mating grounds: Some banging crocs killed a dude just last week; and a child in early January was attacked while diving. And you thought bondage was hard-core.

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