A Thin Defense

Steel DrumAn Australia man was finally convicted this morning on a murder charge, after sticking fast to his weak-as-hell story that he wasn't responsible for the death of his wife, whose body he took efforts to conceal in a steel drum in his backyard for 23 years. Nice.
Frederick Boyle, 58, claimed he hid the body of Edwina Boyle out of panic after finding her dead in bed at their home on the outskirts of the southern city of Melbourne on Oct. 6, 1983.
He pled not guilty at the start of the week-long trial, which ended this morning. Boyle claimed when he found his dear, 30-year-old wife dead back in the 80s, she had two bullets in her head and one of Boyle's neck ties around her throat. Mysterious.
Boyle told the court he worried he would be a suspect (really?!), most notably because he was at the time having an affair. So, Boyle did the only logical thing: He shoved his wife's body in a steel drum, and rolled her out into the couple's suburban backyard."Obviously, I didn't want to be charged with a murder I didn't commit," he told the court.
Then, Boyle told his two daughters their mama "ran off with a truck driver." Did I mention how classy Boyle is? Fast-forward to October 2006, when one of those daughter's husbands cleaned up the Boyles' yard and opened the 45-gallon drum. Geez.

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