'Yikes' File: Dude admits sex with corpse, denies murder

BowmanA man accused of murdering a British model admitted having sex with her corpse but denied killing her, a British court heard in what prosecutors called a desperate defence, Reuters reported.

Mark Dixie, a 37-year-old chef, did the deed with 18-year-old model Sally Anne Bowman's badly hurt corpse, which had stab wounds in the neck and belly when it was found in Croydon, south London. His defense? That he "stumbled across the body while drunk and 'took advantage of the situation' to have sex with the corpse." Man. It's all just wrong on so many levels.

Bowman aspired to be a high-profile fashion model; a dream cut short by some murderous tweaker who attacked her around 4 a.m. in Croydon in September 2005 soon after her boyfriend dropped her off near her home. Sex acts and intercourse were imposed on Bowman as she died or after she was dead

A neighbor found Bowman's body a couple of hours later.

Bowman, who worked as a hairdresser to make ends meet, was also a musician. She additionally earned a spot the prestigious British Record Industry Trust School.

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