County Web Site a Mecca for Sex Predator

jailSome nut job in Ohio has used court records as a way to find victims for sex crimes, reported. Jason Lee, a registered sex offender, is accused of looking up women on the Clerk of Court's Web site and posting bail in return for sexual favors.

Lee is now in jail—but for unrelated charges.

He posted bond for two different women whom he had never met before. His little sexual-favors ring was stopped by a judge, who became suspicious about Lee's philanthropy. Turns out one of the gals he bailed out was a 20-year-old put away on drug and prostitution charges. She claims Allen forced her to screw his friend.

Seems listing public records on the county site can turn that site into a useful search-engine tool for the sex trade. Who knew.

"When you put together that he's a sexual predator, cruising the Internet, posting bond for strangers, it starts to sound like a ring to me and it also sounds like there could be a sex slave trade going on right here through the internet."

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