Disbelief Suspension: Oregon man 5 months pregnant

JuniorGet ready for a major mind-fuck, people. There are lots of ins and outs of this one.

An Oregon man is five months pregnant, according to the Advocate. Well, okay, that's admittedly not exactly true. The truth is, Thomas Beatie used to be a chick.

BeatieBeatie wrote the article for the Advocate, which targets a homosexual, bisexual and transgender crowd; in the piece, he explains his decision to have a partial sex change. That is to say, he sprung for chest reconstruction and testosterone therapy, but stopped short of throwing in a wanker. So, Beatie still has all his female reproductive parts—henceforth, the bun in the oven.

He stopped his testosterone therapy (administered by injection), and managed to get pregnant. He and his wife, Nancy (who is unable to have children), expect a girl in July.

The situation "sparks legal, political and social unknowns," Beatie wrote. Quite the understatement, wouldn't you say?

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