One Badass Broad: Cheetah attack 'not a big deal'

cheetah attack

God it's great to be a woman sometimes—especially when you can be represented by chicks like Judy Berens, the owner of a South Florida wildlife refuge who was attacked by two cheetahs and called the mauling "not a big deal."

We're so sick of hearing about dumb stuff like purses and pining after inconsiderate men and all the other fluffy things women are expected to fill their brains with. It's about time someone got all fucked up by some strung-out cats, suffered 40 puncture wounds, was airlifted to a hospital, and in response just shrugged, took some deep breaths, and got back in the game. Ms. Berens, Playgirl salutes you!
She was conducting an exhibition with two male cheetahs when one got excited by someone bouncing a ball outside. The cheetah ran toward the ball and knocked Berens over. It then began to claw and bite her. At some point, the other cheetah joined in the attack.

She's due out of the hospital this morning, and told reporters she'd be back to work at the Panther Ridge Conservation Center, which provides homes for exotic cats, today. We seriously like this lady.

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