She's the Bomb

BombSAN ANTONIO - A woman who called in a bomb threat to an airport in an attempt to break up with her boyfriend was sentenced to two years in prison, MSNBC reported.

Psycho April Wormly, 36, of Hobbs, N.M., was additionally fined $19,761 for the threats, placed through a series of phone calls to San Antonio International Airport regarding a fantasy bomb Wormly claimed was on on a Southwest Airlines flight bound for Dallas. Five of the 36 phone calls were recorded.

Wormly told peeps investigating that her plot was as follows: Her boyfriend, who was on the flight she called in to falsely report bomb threats about, would break up with her as soon as he discovered Wormly had made the calls. There was no other way to secure a break-up!
Uh, wow.

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