Lady Killers

Women's interest in enlisting is no longer merely tolerated; it's pursued. Recruiting officers' difficulties attracting fresh faces in light of this war's unpopularity has yielded a new strategy in enlisting efforts: going for the yum-yum.

The United States Marine Corps has started marketing itself to women in a concerted way for the first time, the New York Times reported. The corps now runs ads in magazines like Shape, Self and Fitness, as well as through more mainstream outlets like "American Idol”.
In the latest campaign, a print ad shows a female marine striking a martial arts pose in front of a crowd of men who are looking up to her as their leader. The tag line: “There are no female marines. Only marines.”

It's annoying the Marine Corps has waited until it's desperate to act as though actively seeking out ladies is useful. The organization began accepting women for clerical duties for the Marine Corps in 1918. Recruitment ads during World War II came mostly from the Army and Navy.

In the 1990s, when the Marines Corps was having trouble reaching recruitment goals, it ran a scattering of ads in magazines like Seventeen and Sports Illustrated for Women, using tag lines like “You can look at models, or you can be one” and “Get a makeover that’s more than skin deep.” Gross.

Chicks comprise 6.2 percent of the Marine Corps and go through the same basic training as men.

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