Police Chief Trusted with 'Fighting Vice' Busted in the Buff with Five Broads

In yet another case of irony in recent headlines, Tehran's police chief—entrusted with fighting vice in Iran—was jailed after being caught, naked, with six women in a brothel, Fox News reported.

Ali Reza Jamshidi, a spokesman, refused to elaborate on the case. Local media, on the other hand, sings like a bird. Gen. Reza Zarei was caught last month with six nude women by a police raid on an underground local brothel. He was forced to resign. Prostitution is, of course, illegal in Iran (duh—even talking about sex is frowned upon by hard-line clerics ruling Iran).

Zarei was in charge of a program to clean cities from corruption and in recent months had reported arrests of young men and women for illicit relationship or not respecting the Islamic dress code.

Why can't people lighten up a little bit? Let people do their own thing (i.e. don't arrest them for how they dress), and you'll be surprised how tolerant folks can be when you get busted hangin' with naked ladies.

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