Review: Cops 20th Anniversary DVD

COPS: 20th Anniversary DVD
(20th Century Fox)

1989 was a quite a year for America. A wave of revolutions swept the Eastern Bloc, leading to the end of the Soviet Union and Stalinistic Marxism-Leninism. A new era of neoliberal globalization and free trade was begun; with the United States as the dominating force. On our own shores, we had race riots in Overtown, Miami; the Stockton Massacre in Stockton, Calif.; Ted Bundy was executed; and Exxon Valdez dumped 240,000 barrels of oil in Alaska's Prince William Sound. Let freedom ring!

The year also marks the March 11 debut of “COPS”; America's 30-minute, action-packed, four-time Emmy-nominated reality series with that catchy opening jingle (“Bad boys, bad boys!”), giving us an up-close view of the rebellious lower class from the safety of our couches. 20th Century Fox Entertainment has just released the 20th Anniversary DVD collection of this gem; featuring more than five hours of awesome, new cop-on-drunken trailer-trash content, commentaries by producer John Langley; two “best of” compilation episodes, and tons of featurettes. From “COPS in the Movies and on TV: Spoofs and Tributes” (particularly awesome); “Cops On Cops” (sounds naughty!); and “Famous Fan Favorites”, I encourage you to hit up the nearest bodega for a few 40s, throw on a wife-beater, and queue up the ol' DVD player.

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