Man-Boob Surgery on the Rise

For all their efforts over at, males proud of their protruding pectorals have done little to curb the rising number of breast-reduction surgeries performed on young men.

Doctors at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool told they're seeing dozens of teenagers every year with gynecomastia, the condition in which males develop breasts. Most experts say obesity is to blame for this torrent of "boy-boobs"; and one plastic surgeon said in 12 months he's performed more than 20 breast-reduction operations on young boys who developed the condition.

Other ways to get rid of man-boobs: eating salads and running a few laps. But lest I get too cheeky before I have all the information, facts suggest gynecomastia actually comes from the growth of firm, female breast tissue under the nipples. This phenomenon is caused by a hormone imbalance during puberty; and it often corrects itself. Man-boobs can also bloom from body-building drugs, recreational drugs, cancer, diseases of the liver or kidney, and [duh!] being enormous.

"These are firm female breasts," one doctor said of gynecomastia-induced man-boobs, "something that any woman would be proud of.

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