A New, Improved, Gender-Neutral God

A new prayer book released by the Movement for Reform Judaism in Britain removed all male descriptions of God, opting instead for gender-neutral language, Lancashire Evening Post reported.

Any mention of God as King, Father, Lord, et al has been replaced with expressions such as "Eternal One" and "living God". The prayer book (or Siddur) additionally makes mention of prominent women from the Old Testament for the first time in prayers such as the Amidah, the central prayer of the Jewish liturgy. It's also got prayers for today's main issues, such as environmental and natural disasters and prayers for depression, miscarriage and the death of a child. Awesome!

To coincide with the new prayer book's launch, the organization conducted a survey about people's perceptions of God. Results—gleaned from 1,050 adults in Britain—showed that only 1 percent of people think of God as female, with 62 percent considering God to be male. Three-quarters of those classifying themselves as Christian said they perceive God as male. And 49 percent of all people surveyed agreed that all religions "fundamentally discriminate on grounds of gender''.

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