Oversexed, Insatiable Broads

Adding the roster of weird afflictions Playgirls come across is "Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome" (PSAS), defined as "intense feelings of genital congestion and sensations that are typically unaccompanied by any conscious awareness of sexual desire" by Dr. Sandra Leiblum in an article published for the Cincinnati-based Women's Sexual Health Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to educating women and doctors on conditions that may impact sexual health and function.

Leiblum is director of the Center for Sexual and Relationship Health at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey and author of "Principles and Practices of Sexual Therapy," which touches upon PSAS.

Over at a PSAS online support group, moderators explain:
Persistent genital arousal is a condition in which a woman experiences insistent and unwanted genital arousal that is unaccompanied by conscious feelings of sexual desire or subjective arousal. The feelings of fullness in the genital area persist for an extended period of time (e.g., days, weeks or months) despite one or more orgasms. Orgasm does not result in resolving the genital arousal. The feelings of genital arousal are perceived as distressing, distracting and worrisome.

Oh, and the kicker: sexual activities intended to relieve the symptoms can reinforce the sensations or provide only temporary relief.

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