Paris 'One Big Romp' During Nazi Occupation?

A new book proposes that Paris during the German occupation of France was 'one big romp'; and has all kinds of peeps up-in-arms over other statements regarding women's lib. Like a recent photographic exhibition showing Parisians enjoying themselves under the occupation, the book's depiction of life in Paris as one big party is at odds with the collective memory of hunger, resistance and fear, Fox News reported.

"It is a taboo subject, a story nobody wants to hear," said Patrick Buisson, author of "1940-1945 Années Erotiques" ("erotic years"). "It may hurt our national pride, but the reality is that people adapted to occupation."

Apparently, many women slept with German soldiers and conducted affairs with anyone else who could help them through financially difficult times—all while hubbies were off in prison camps: "They gave way to the advances of the boss, to the tradesman they owed money to, their neighbor," Buisson said. "In times of rationing, the body is the only renewable, inexhaustible currency."

Cold winters, when coal was in short supply, and a curfew from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. also encouraged sexual activity, says Buisson, with the result that the birth rate shot up in 1942 even though 2 million men were locked up in prison camps.

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