Witchy Women Put to Death

Holy shit.

From Breitbart.com: A rampaging mob in western Kenya burnt 15 women accused of witchcraft to death, a local official and villagers told AFP Wednesday.

The gang, numbering around 100, went house-to-house Tuesday night, tying victims up and setting them on fire, the head of the Nyamaiya district said. "We will hunt the suspects down," he added.

Fifty houses were burned down in Nyakeo village, about 180 miles northwest of Nairobi.

In Kenya in the 1990s, dozens of people were killed over suspected sorcery. Are these people serious?

"I can't believe my wife of many years would be killed so brutally by people who cannot prove their case even before God," said Enoch Obiero, a pastor. And another:"My mother has always been a role model to the entire village and why the mob had to kill her will remain a mystery to me forever," said 32-year-old Emily Monari.

The region, populated mainly by the Kisii tribe, has been dubbed Kenya's "sorcery belt" due to mob attacks on women suspected of witchcraft.

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