Hendrix Sex Tape Goes Live

Finally, one for the ladies!

I am sick and tired of all these little pop princesses and their sex tapes. It's high time a rock legend's stuff was strutted on the silver screen. Cue Hendrix!

Vivid Entertainment is releasing a sex tape allegedly starring Jimi Hendrix, Gulf Daily News reported. The Los Angeles-based adult entertainment company said they obtained the sex tape from a memorabilia collector.

The 11-minute footage, reportedly shot in a dimly-lit hotel room about 40 years ago, features Hendrix - or someone who looks like him - engaged in various sexual acts with two brunettes.

Of course, there are skeptics. Charles R Cross, author of the Hendrix biography Room Full of Mirrors, took a look at the flick and has come out as an ardent negative nancy about the whole thing. "It doesn't add up to Jimi," Cross said. But Playgirls, don't give up hope! And of course Kathy Etchingham, Hendrix's former ladyfriend, says it's not him. But that's what we'd expect.

Bob Merlis, a spokesman for Experience Hendrix, which manages the guitarist's estate, said it had no comment on the alleged video.

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