Eat My Shorts

In yet another story about people who're uptight ruining everyone else's good time, some people in and around Westmore, Vt., are trying to pull the proverbial swimtrunks onto a longtime nude beach.

Southwest Cove is one of the most famous nude beaches in the country, enjoying for the last several decades bare bottoms resting on pristine Lake Willoughby's sandy shores. The beach is public land, visibly removed from a nearby highway, and is marked with signs letting passersby know the score.

The Westmore residents raising all the fuss are using their kids as decoys, claiming they only want to protect the children.

"For me, it's about common public decency - getting families and kids and people and Westmore back down to what they all talk about as being the most beautiful place, and they don't go there any more," said Tony Strange, who lives about one-half mile from Southwest Cove and helped circulate a petition asking the Select Board to enact an anti-nudity ordinance.

Let's all join hands in a collective plea for Mr. Strange to get a grip, let loose, and drop his shorts.

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