Mincing up Michelle: Maureen Dowd assesses the black-femme situation

The issue of feminism in politics is one that's been particularly prevalent in recent months as Hillary Clinton campaigned for the spot of Prezzy. There were questions about Clinton surrounding herself with girly men; whether the country is ready for a female president; and general weirdness of a woman showing emotion on the campaign trail.

Maureen Dowd in her column yesterday railed against Republicans looking to transfer their barbs from the recently ousted Clinton into the ultra-fabulous flanks of Michelle Obama.
It’s good news for Obama that Hillary’s out of the race. But it’s also bad news. Now Republicans can turn their full attention to demonizing Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama is the new, unwilling contestant in Round Two of the sulfurous national game of “Kill the witch.”

There are some who think it will be harder for America to accept a black first lady — the national hostess who serenely presides over the White House Christmas festivities and the Easter egg roll — than a black president.

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