In 1963, Stephen F. Caldwell was involved in a car accident that left him a quadriplegic at just 21 years old, a few months after graduating college. Instead of pursuing a journalism career as planned, Steve spent the next seven years in his parents' New Jersey home, unable to care for himself. Determined to carve out a better life, and armed with what he and his friends called the Better Theory, Steve in 1970 purchased 150 acres of property along the Canadian border of New York State. He named the place Better Farm; and set about turning the property into a technicolor dreamscape that would push boundaries, facilitate change, question authority and reinvent the world with each person who crossed its threshold. Since that time, hundreds of people have called Beter Farm home. Here are some of their stories.

Bob Bowser, former Better Farm resident, discusses a holy man who visited the farm in the 1970s. Footage shot in 2006.

Becky and Darlene discuss finding their ways to Better Farm in the late 1970s. Footage shot in 2006.

Better Farm's founder Steve Caldwell explains how lodging worked at Better Farm through the late 80s. Footage shot in 2006.

Lana and Mike Babcock talk about finding stability at Better Farm. Filmed in May of 2006.

Paul Hibbert discusses his arrival at Better Farm in 1975. Footage shot in 2006.

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