The Evening's Mood

The time here is like an old lady on the ground. I work on a test about the legal system and swallow big gulps of music through these little speakers on my computer.

I read about the dance of the seven veils in "Skinny Legs and All" while sitting in a bubble bath at Hampshire College. That section, about the dance, reveals the secrets and meanings of life and I remember thinking "Eureka!" as I read it, like the mathemetician who discovered water displacement. So how come I can't remember the meaning now, when I would so very much like to know?

"I don't want you to be sad," she said, then: "You look amazing tonite."
(I couldn't say anything, so I said "It wasn't supposed to be like this," which I guess I don't even believe.)

I dream of fireflies hovering over a frozen pond, waiting.