Hoffa's Body

The search for Jimmy Hoffa's body is on again, even after 30 years. Digging at a ranch in Michigan yields no results so far, but there's always hope in the Meadowlands.

Sometimes (it seems to be true) one needs little more in life than reconnecting.

Walked to the beach. Sun shone. Toes burrowed through sand. Went to the country. Sun shone. Toes burrowed through grass.

It was a moment that led me to now (or then), drunk on romantic wine, thinking it could be so over, and over, again.

Salinger said the "most singular difference between happiness and joy is that happiness is a solid and joy a liquid." So, begs the question:

Q: Is humanity breathing or drinking?
A: It depends on what is in the mug.

I forget my point, but can feel its essence. Metaphors abound.