From the Road

Nashville is awesomeness.; Nashville is America unaffected by glamour and fads. Nashville is unobstructed music made excellent by its people's earnestness. Nashville is guitars slung over girls' and boys' shoulders. Nashville is a G-sharp harmonica blown perfectly. Nashville is honky tonk and riff raff realized.

Put me in line at a stuffy bus station waiting for the next Greyhound to roll through; and in a matter of minutes I promise I'll get right down to who I am. I'll pack light (some T-shirts, books, a flask and some PB&J's); I'll bring plenty of pens and extra film; if you'll only put me in line at the bus station.

Give me Frito/Budweiser picnics on plastic chairs in gas station parking lots after dark; give me James Joyce served fresh upon waking. Give me a journal full of blank pages, and an old beat-up 35 mm camera. The world offers herself most earnestly to those who open their arms widest.