Review: The Thrills' Teenager


The Thrills, a five-piece Dublin band with two albums prior, recorded Teenager in a little place in Vancouver called The Warehouse, which was a morgue in a former incarnation and is rumored to be haunted. I only mention this because it seems immediately relevant once you get into this album, mixed with brooding ballads and a sense of lost innocence. There couldn't be a more apropos album title.

These guys are already big in the UK, with Teenager receiving all kinds of four-star reviews. Leave it to the United States to be once again behind the ball. But now you have no excuse. Dim the lights, pop a cold one, and set some candles ablaze before your beau gets home tonight. Then throw on Teenager and let the mood take care of itself. You'll be grinding just like your former teenage self in no time. Now that's hot.

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