Forever Fierce

[Note: This post was written by Jessanne Collins for]

nicchrs.jpgWhat's bright and yellow and fierce all over? It's Playgirl Editor-in-Chief Nicole Caldwell schmoozing with "Project Runway" stars (aka Playgirl's new BFFs) Victorya and Christian last Saturday night. This picture here popped up on Fashionista; sure the shiny shirt is eye-catching, but honestly, aren't you a little more enamored of the amazing Forever 21 mini-dress action?

The Playgirls were in the house, quite literally, for a photo show by Brad Walsh, nightlife photographer and Christian's special friend. We donated a bunch of issues for the goody bags, then drank our weight in energy vodka and cranberry and networked 'til dawn. (Watch for some couture coming to a couple set near you.)


More pics here. Hint: We're the ones showing teeth.