Flipping Out: Unleash your inner carny all over the Big Apple

Spring was made for clowning around. And for you adventurous New York City souls, that activity doesn’t have to be limited to late nights slumped over the bar of your local watering hole. Follow this simple guide for some adventurous pursuits guaranteed to flip you out.

Aerial Open Workout: The House of Yes’ Sky Box in Williamsburg opens it doors every Monday night for an Aerial Open Workout, billed as “29 feet of vertical fun.” For $15, you can use their silks, lyras, and trapezes, or rig your own. They’ve also got classes on hula-hooping, ballet, and yoga.

8-10 p.m. Mondays; $15. Sky Box: 342 Maujer St., Brooklyn NY. Directions: L train to Grand Street. Contact: skybox.info@gmail.com or (585) 507-1770

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[Originally posted at Examiner.com]