Daring to Bare: Your Big Apple guide to naked New York

By Nicole Caldwell

The New York Post last July covered a recent surge in New York City's nudist culture. It seems that beyond the city's vast repertoire of adult novelty stores, gentlemen's clubs, and mature entertainment, there's an increasingly mainstream undercurrent of people who just assume less really is more—at least, when it comes to clothing.

Whether you've perfected the art of changing in public without a speck of skin showing; or drop trow anytime you're in a sauna or locker room, you may want to turn your adventurous side over to the nude events happening in and around New York City every day.

For as long as summer lasts, head over to Geocities for a comprehensive list of nude beaches in the area. Or, if you're into meditation and relaxation, pay a visit to Naked Yoga NYC in Midtown. You can also get a listing of non-sexual naked yoga classes throughout the week from Yahoo Groups.

If you’re more into being the voyeur, check out Naked Comedy Showcase on the first Saturday of every month at The People's Improv Theatre in New York (click here for tickets).

Those of you who will spring on any opportunity to let it all hang out with relish a Clothing-Optional Dinner. And if you don't mind sweating without any, ahem, support, have a go at naked hiking. Just promise to pack some bugspray.

[Originally published at Examiner.com]