Playgirl Interview with Starship Trooper Star Casper Van Dien

By Nicole Caldwell

Originally published in Playgirl, Issue #68, June 2014

Casper Van Dien is hot. His sizzling acting career boasts more than two dozen movie credits (Starship Troopers, Tarzan and the Lost City, Sleepy Hollow) and more than five dozen roles in television (“Beverly Hills 90210”, “Saved by the Bell”, “Monk”). He's starred in his own Lifetime TV reality show “I Married a Princess”, acts as ambassador for Egard Watch Company, and is now making his directorial debut with an adaptation of the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty—which he also has a role in. Another directorial credit follows soon after with A Patient Killer. On top of all this, he recently wrapped up work with his wife Catherine Oxenberg and her bestie Gabrielle Anwar on Sexology, a documentary that reexamines the state of female sexuality and arousal in the 21st Century.

While there are many people comfortable in the spotlight, few look as good while they're in it. Van Dien is distractingly handsome—it's no wonder he scored the title "Sexiest Soap Star" from People Magazine back in 2000. Of course, anyone who saw the Starship Troopers shower scene—or has so much as taken a look at this man—already could have told you that. Know this: The years have done nothing to diminish his sex appeal. Van Dien sat down with Playgirl to give us his insights on male beauty, his favorite acting role, and full-body orgasms.

PLAYGIRL: You were often referred to as “Ken doll” while at the Admiral Farragut Academy prep school in Florida, leading to fights with different guys; and in fact even later on this is how you were described. In what ways have your good looks worked against you back when you were single?

CASPER VAN DIEN: I guess it was one way that some people used to describe what I looked like. The fights were not that bad. More like hazing. That was par for the course back in the day in my military school and the schools I attended in general. That was probably not the worst thing that someone could use to describe you. I think that we all have judgments that are usually first impressions that can either be used against us or we can use to our benefit. Double-edged swords. I feel pretty comfortable with who I am and what I look like now. My wife says, that as far as women were concerned, my looks were definitely an asset!

You come from a long military tradition in your family: a father who was a US Navy Commander and fighter pilot, and a grandfather who was a Marine and served in World War II. You even graduated third in command from the college-prep, military-style school you attended. How did your family react when you decided to become an actor?

My family is a great support system for what ever I chose to do with my life. I think that they really love me being an actor and have been my biggest fans. It would have been a lot harder to do this acting without their support.

What has been your favorite role you've ever played?


You married Catherine Oxenberg in 1999. What is it about her that sets her apart from other women?

All women are amazing. My wife just happens to be the most amazing woman for me. I feel so fortunate to have found my soulmate. She and I seem to work well together. Her femininity fits well with my masculinity. I just find her so sexy and I am so turned on by almost everything she does. I know the ' almost' is going to cause problems when she reads this interview.

You recently finished up work with Catherine on “Sexology”, a documentary and website about female sexuality, vaginas, and orgasms. How has this project changed your perceptions about female sexuality?

I am even more turned on by my wife since we have gone on this journey together. What can I say? It is really exciting.

How do you like being behind the camera as compared to being in front of it?

I have enjoyed being behind the camera as a support system for my wife and Gabrielle [Anwar]. I feel like I have been able to do things for them that help the project in such a positive way, that someone not as vested as I am, might not have been able to do.

While working on the documentary, you agreed to undergo a full-body orgasm utilizing Tantric techniques on film, albeit with all your clothes on. What compelled you to try this?

They kept trying to find a guy that was willing to do this on camera with his clothes on and no guy would… So I did.

Were you nervous?

No, not really. I did not even think about it. I am so vested in my wife and Gabrielle’s project that I guess that hit the override button so that I could do it.

Tell us about the process.

I laid down on a table in my white boxers on while my wife and the healer Sasha took me through a process that helped be to experience waves of full body orgasms. Mine were mostly laughter orgasms. they are separate from ejaculations and do not have to be sexual, but they can be.

What does it feel like while it is happening?

Full ecstatic bliss throughout the entire body and being. Pure joy.

How do you think the documentary and website for “Sexology” will affect the way we view sexuality as a culture?

I hope it helps open up the subject of healthy sex so that people can relate better and have a better understanding of their needs and their partners needs. Lessen the misconceptions about sex and sexual taboos.

What’s one thing you feel women should understand about men?

That our greatest need/desire is to have a fully satisfied woman. Nothing makes us men feel more empowered then when our woman feel totally satisfied, sexually, by us.

You made your directorial debut with the recently released Asylum film, Sleeping Beauty. What are the details on this project?

With Sleeping Beauty, Asylum gave me my first directing job ever. It's a very dark take on the classic Grimm fairy tale. My daughter Grace plays Sleeping Beauty. Finn Jones from “Game of Thrones” is opposite her, and Olivia D’Abo is the evil queen. Catherine and I, along with Maya and Celeste, two of our other daughters, had small roles in it too.

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