The Source

This is the place where I first fell in love.

Where my heart slid into my stomach; where my fingers shook and my breath caught and I felt embarrassed before I said anything.

Where the bottle twirled and the moon sang and the trees bent and the water lapped against the shore and I first knew what this felt like. When you asked me if I was ready for this; when you called me shy and wondered if this was real; when you inched your fingers along my leg one song at a time while the CD replayed itself over and over again.

This is the beginning, before there were secrets. When I didn't have doubt. When everything was possible and only infinity stretched out ahead of us. When my body felt new and untouched; like you were the first to discover me, and this, and us, and I wondered what kind of person I would have been if I had never found you.

This is when I trusted you, and I promised you, and knew that this was it, there would be no other loves beyond this love, beyond you, beyond us. This is when I was sure you would be the one to draw that unnameable kind of love out of me. This is when I believed you would reach further than anyone ever had, to this private untapped place that's never been touched. This is when I believed you were strong, and you were brave, and you would stop at nothing to be the biggest version of yourself; the full, large, open person I would follow anywhere.

This is the time I believed your words over all other words; your expression over all other expressions; chose your kisses over all other kisses; reflected myself through your eyes over all other eyes.

This is the beginning; the Once Upon a Time. This is me before you; this is where it all begins. Over and over again.