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Caldwell inherited the land, and the motto, from her uncle two years ago and created Better Farm, a space where artists live together in a sustainable, productive way. 

It was quiet when 7 News visited Better Farm on Saturday morning, but typically, that means volunteering, creating organic gardens, and coming up with creative ways to be more green.
It also means bringing on interns from as far away as Kenya and Singapore. Maylisa Daniels is an intern from California. 

"I've learned a lot so far.  Just from their conversations, for the first two weeks I was here I didn't really talk.  I was just like, "whoa." Just the conversations are so much different," says Daniels.

The group's latest project is an “Art Barn,” where Caldwell says free art and music workshops will be available to the community she now calls home.

Caldwell says she's a long way away from her life in New York City and she's now in the North Country to stay. 

"Right now feel like my entire life, 24 hours a day, has a purpose.  That feels really, really good," says Caldwell.